Give us an overview of Inline Hockey and the Reading Knights
Inline Hockey is a team sport, similar to ice hockey. At the University of Reading, we play indoors and play to the rules of the International Federation of Roller Sports ,alongside  other local clubs in our South East region.

The Reading Knights are an inclusive club and accept skaters of all backgrounds and abilities, from beginner to advanced - it doesn't matter if you've never played before! We offer beginners the chance to improve in our social sessions and advanced skaters the chance to join our advanced team. We have equipment to lend, including skates and sticks. We are not just a university team and are open to the public. We welcome any player above the age of 16 even if you’re just looking to enjoy yourself and give inline hockey a go.

How can people get involved?
If people want to get involved in our sports team, they can contact us online - or through the Reading Students’ Union.

What are the benefits from being involved?
Skating regularly is an incredible way to increase core fitness and studies show that the benefits are equivalent to that of running. Playing with the Knights gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded, fun loving people, learn to skate and also find a way to let off some steam in a fast-paced game.

How much does it cost to become a member?
Our social membership is £25 and our team/associate membership is £50. We always offer special discounts during Fresher’s week and reduced membership rates during the summer term.

How many members does your team have?
We are currently 60 members on record, and our team line-up changes based on availability - all of our team members get the chance to play and represent the club. We have many additional members who come along to our skate-based socials, or our social training sessions to improve their skills and have lots of fun.

Roughly how much time do you need to commit to being a member?
Advanced training occurs weekly and our social training occurs fortnightly. We have socials often, but we don’t expect all of our members to come out to all of our socials - just most of them!

What kind of activities do you do outside training / matches?
Outside of training, we mainly alternate between ice skating socials and nights out, or participating in union events or events put on by our fellow Knights in other clubs at Reading.

Your best memory of being part of the team?
My best memory of being part of the team was learning to skate. At the time I was quite ill and needed crutches to walk. So there were many great moments involving me skating straight into walls, not being able to stop and committee members having to sprint across the room to catch me before I  went full speed straight into someone/thing.

All of our training sessions are a lot of fun - but our socials even better. There is a lot to be said for midnight shots with a group of fantastic people!

Do you have to train to compete or is there the opportunity to play for fun?
We are registering with our NGB as a training club, so we offer a range - matches and social playing. We are an inclusive club so cater for everyone and everything!

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