Types of university societies

university societies

By theunipod,

There are no rules when it comes to university societies. Well, not really. Basically, if you can think of a reason for a society to exist, then it probably does. Uni students have a wide range of interests that someone is bound to have come up with a university society for. From the straight and narrow to the downright weird and wacky, from Economics to Harry Potter, from football to pirate societies; we take a look at the types of university societies and student clubs you can get involved in. Our student union profiles list all those on offer.

Sports clubs

If you’re interested in sport then you’ll have no problem finding a university society. Whether it’s rugby or football, skiing or snowboarding, Arabesque ballet or slacklining, check out the list of sports clubs at your university and we pretty much guarantee you’ll be able to find one! If not, start one up.

Subject societies

Whatever subject you’re studying at uni, chances are there’ll be a university society or club related to it. If you’re an engineering student, you’ll definitely find an engineers’ society, but there are also economics, chemistry, legal bar and education societies as well, not to mention art, theatre, music and dance clubs, just to name a few.

Charity societies

If you’re passionate about a charity or enjoy doing things for others, you could find a university society doing exactly that. It could be helping out children in need, reading to the elderly, volunteering, fundraising or simply offering your services for a good cause! Save the Children, Oxfam and the Autism Play Project are just some examples.

Religious and international societies

If you’ve left home to study at uni, or even moved to the UK from somewhere else in the world, finding other people who have the same beliefs and cultural background as you do, certainly makes it easier to settle in.

Just for fun societies

Love a good cocktail? Thirsty for a pint? Can’t resist a game of paintball, or perhaps tiddlywinks is more your style? However you like to spend your free time, you’ll be able to find others doing exactly the same through a university society. How about these: the Nottingham Allotment Society, Edinburgh Come Dine With Me, and the Aberdeen Malt Whiskey Society.

The weird and wacky

The Harry Potter Society, Rock, Paper Scissors, Lemon Fanta (?!), Pirates, and the Assassins Guide. Make of them what you will! And you've always the opportunity to start your own. Whatever your ideas, it's unlikely you'll be the only one interested, no matter how unusual you think it might be!

Basically, what we’re trying to say is, there are heaps of university societies and clubs out there so get involved!