How can people get involved with the Clay Pigeon Club?
Come and visit us at our induction events to get a taste of the sport. We meet new members at the start of the year at Fresher’s events and sports fairs, but also throughout the year via open events.

What are the benefits from being involved?
Meeting new people in a relaxed atmosphere, in a new environment - not just uni but maybe a field in the middle of a valley in Somerset.

How much does it cost to become a member?
Bath Students’ Union has a mandatory entry fee of £20 for insurance and travel but the events are free with a “buy your own ammunition” on-site policy.

How many members does your team have?
We have many sets of mixed ability teams encompassing the full 50 members of our club.

Roughly how much time do you need to commit to being a member?
To be a member of the club, as little or as much as you want, but when you get involved you find yourself wanting to have a go every week.
What kind of activities do you do outside training / matches?
We run a friendly social meeting every week to catch up and plan the week’s events, as well as fun nights out on the town every couple of weeks.

Your best memory of being part of the team?
Going to the BUCS national competition and meeting other university students who are in the same position as me, getting along and seeing how every one else got involved with their clubs.

Do you have to train to compete or is there the opportunity to play for fun?
Only safety training is needed to have a go but this is a hands on demonstration out on the range. Competing is why we train as it is where we have the most fun, but we also have weekly sessions just to get out and enjoy ourselves with sport.

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