Tell us all about your society and who your members are.
We are a cultural society at the University of Birmingham, open to all students as well as non-students who join the Guild. Members come from all over the world, but share in common a curiosity about Nordic culture or, want to experience a bit of home away from home.

What does it take to be a student society president?
Willingness to devote time and energy to making the experience of members as positive as possible, bringing new ideas about what kind of events to host and making members feel welcome and keep coming back.

How much time does being involved take?
It it takes only a couple of hours per week, plus an extra three or four hours planning and executing specific events.

How do you juggle your student society commitments with your study and social life?
As well as being President, I volunteer part-time and of course want to keep up with studies and my social life – due to planned meetings with the committee every week, it is easy to juggle all these things while committing the necessary time to the society.

What is the best thing about being President?
Seeing the society grow and positive feedback from members. We can all enjoy the events and see where improvements can be made for next time.

Why would you recommend students join?
We foster a welcoming environment, and have students from all over the world, including India, Italy, the UK and of course the Nordic countries. Our events are relaxed in nature and are a great way to meet new people and experience things like crayfish parties and ‘fettisdagen’ baking.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done in your student society?
The committee cooked a traditional crayfish dinner for the members, which involves stopping the eating at random intervals to sing songs and drink Snaps (this is all normal to the Nordics, and we love sharing our humorous celebrations with our amused members).

What is the best memory you have of being a member of your society?
After hosting a meatball party, which included a full meatball dinner and a chilled atmosphere to get to know other members, the positive feedback made all our cooking, cleaning and planning more than worthwhile! We also host regular pub quizzes, and recently came in a close second place, so are looking to win next time!

How can people join it and how much does it cost?
Membership costs £3 and anyone and everyone is welcome. Simply use the Guild website if you are a student, and if not, find us on Facebook and tell us you would like to join.

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