University Societies: the lowdown

student societies

By theunipod,

What is a university society?

A university society is an official group set up by students to promote an activity or interest. It’s a chance for students – and non-students – to get together and participate in something everyone enjoys. Most, but certainly not all, university societies are run by students at university and are usually associated with a student union.

Members are current university students, although some graduates will remain a part of the society even after they’ve left uni. (It depends how passionate they are about it!) Some societies are set up by non-uni students and alumni as well.

Why get involved?

University societies offer an awesome opportunity to hang out with people who share an interest in an activity or hobby that you enjoy as well. It could be a sport, art form, cultural activity, techy stuff, or something as weird and wacky as a moustache society or a rock, paper, scissors club.

It’s all about having fun and meeting like-minded people who enjoy doing the same things you do. People who like walking get together and organize hikes; people who like theatre get together and put on plays –societies mean you can meet people who like doing what you do, even if it is pretty way out there.

How can I become a member?

Joining a society is easy – just find one that is focused around the activity or hobby you’re interested in and give them a yell. Flick them an email, send them a text, or rock on up to their next meeting. University societies will always have a contact person who you can go to for more info and they love to have new members as well - unless they’re a secret society, but more on that another time!