Student life

Do you know what your student union actually does? Check out our profiles for info on student nights and venues in your union, including the various, wonderful and very weird societies on offer... yes, there really is a Pirate's Society!

canterbury night out

Student nights in Canterbury

Canterbury has a great eclectic mix of student nights, spread across the three universities in the area and throughout the City. Whether your idea of the perfect student night out is a full on rave or…

student societies

Do societies/sports clubs take initiations too far?

We’ve all heard the rumours. Sports initiations are known around campus for their various disgusting challenges, embarrassment of participants and amusement of watchers. Calling them initiations sugge…

the state of student drinking

The state of student drinking

For many students who are living away from home for the first time, providing for themselves and having free reign away from their parents, drinking can become a twisted part of that freedom. Drinking…

Come Dine With Me

Come Dine With Me: the new generation

Universities up and down the country are holding their own CDWM soirees which undeniably rival our Channel 4 favourite.

student unions

Student Unions: who are they and how are they run?

What is a student union? Whichever university you choose to study at, you’ll find a student union. These are organisations set up to look after you and the interests of the student body. Their purpos…

Drinking Culture at University

There are two things synonymous with the word ‘university’: Learning, and drinking. Both are things that most students will partake in at some point. Both are also things that students can feel ostrac…

student unions

Student unions: what do they do?

The student union at your university is run by students for your student needs. As such, they offer a variety of services, not to mention fun events throughout the year, which you can make the most of…

student societies

University societies: close up

We’re not into taking sides here at theunipod, but these were some of the universities with a great assortment of student societies that caught our eye during our research here in the UK. Cardiff Uni…

student societies

University Societies: the lowdown

What is a university society? A university society is an official group set up by students to promote an activity or interest. It’s a chance for students – and non-students – to get together and part…

university societies

Types of university societies

There are no rules when it comes to university societies. Well, not really. Basically, if you can think of a reason for a society to exist, then it probably does. Uni students have a wide range of int…