Surviving uni

Our survival guide will help you to stroll through your time at uni. How to cope living with strangers to handling stress, managing your finances to those easy-to-cook (and cheap!) student recipes, and just what is Moodle? And Blackboard?

10 ways to relax at uni

10 ways to relax at uni

Not all of us find it easy to kick back and relax whilst at uni, even if these are supposed to be some of the best years of our lives. Sometimes work load pressures, financial worries and social probl…

A typical day at uni by Jiani

A typical day at university

A typical day at university can vary depending on where you are and what you are studying. My day might not be like yours at all or it might be all too similar. It is important to remember that everyo…

Living costs

Living costs: halls vs private accommodation

Before deciding on a university you’ll have so many things buzzing around in your mind during this time of the academic year: UCAS, predicted grades, results, the long-awaited end of exams, summer, an…

Student dinner parties

Student dinner parties – recipes to get you started

If you’re bored of the standard university drinking games and club nights, why not suggest a dinner party where everyone brings one dish? Dinner parties are a great way to socialise with your pals and…

students voting

Is there any point in students voting?

Throughout history, students have been the champions of protest, leaders pushing for radical change from the French Revolution to protesting against the fascist regimes of the Nazis and Stalin in the …

Food glorious food - student food doesn’t have to be boring

Food glorious food - student food doesn’t have to be boring!

Healthy eating: is it really achievable for students? I think so! Unless you’re a keen body-builder or budding athlete, however, there is no need for this to mean some sort of strict health regime. Yo…

student loan

Where your student loan will go over the course of a year

Have you ever wondered where all your money has disappeared to by the time you reach the end of the year?

ways to save money

Ways to save money as a student

Being a student is an expensive time but there are many ways to help save you money so we have put together this guide to help with just that. Here are some handy tips and ways to save some money for …

living in halls as a second year

Living in halls as a second year

Is it all that bad staying in halls for a second year. Jess tells us all.

How can i borrow money

Student finance – how much can I borrow?

Tuition fee loans, bursaries, grants - which are you eligble for?