You’re leaving today… what will you forget?

leaving for uni in a month

By theunipod,

You’ve got your A-Level results, confirmed your place and waited for what seems like years for this moment but finally the big day is here – you’re moving to university! Read on for a checklist to make sure you don’t forget those last-minute essentials.

  1. To be able to collect your student I.D. card, you’ll need to bring a valid form of I.D like a driving license or a passport. You won’t get very far without this so make sure you’ve got it before you leave!
  2. If you’re living in on-campus student accommodation, you’ll need to bring your accommodation acceptance letter along with some form of I.D. Some universities also require your university acceptance letter too so it’s important to have these with you in an easy to reach place for when you arrive. 
  3. Toothbrush and toothpaste. Chances are you’ll forget this because you’ll have left it out for use in the morning and then left it by the sink to dry before putting in a bag. Make sure you actually go back and pick it up though – the amount of toothbrushes I’ve had to buy over the course of my time as a student is unbelievable.
  4. Wallet/purse. Seems like an obvious one, but if you’re used to being able to quickly pop back home for money or if your parents mostly fund you, then university will be a big change. Make sure you’ve got all your essentials – National Insurance Number, credit/debit card, and so on, as well as some cash so you don’t face the potential queue outside the nearest cashpoint as hoards of students attempt to withdraw cash at the same time.
  5. Phone charger/laptop charger. This one is one that nearly everyone I know has forgotten. Your phone has charge when you leave, you won’t use your laptop until you arrive and chances are you never unplug your chargers from where they usually reside at home. You won’t realise you’ve forgotten these until you’re sitting in your new room and your parents have gone. Pick them up before you leave!
  6. iPod connector cable. If you’ve got a music device, you’ll most likely only sync it sparingly and so this one won’t cross your mind. But when you go to add that awesome new tune you heard in the club last night and remember that you’ve left it at home? Well… that’s just annoying.
  7. Toilet roll. You could buy some at the shop when you get to university, but if you’re travelling a long distance, you may need the toilet when you get there. Cue the awkward moment when you realise you have no toilet roll. Just throw a roll into your bag, it makes life a lot easier, trust me.
  8. Hairbrush. This is another one of those things. You probably won’t have packed it or given it much thought since it resides on your table and you don’t consider it an essential. But your hair will begin to resemble dreadlocks unless you grab this on your way out.
  9. Winter coat/clothes. When arriving at university, chances are it’ll be a balmy bordering on sunny September day. However, you’ll still be there three months later in the depths of December and wishing you’d had the foresight to bring a coat, so throw one in the back of the car before you leave. You’ll thank yourself for your thoughtfulness.
  10. Bank details. If you lose your card on a night out, want to change your address or do anything even remotely normal with your bank, then you’ll make your life a lot easier if you bring the documents you’ll need to deal with them. You’re officially an adult now and banking is the boring responsible thing you’ll have to remember!

If you’ve managed to remember all of these prior to reading this, then congratulations, but if you haven’t, now’s the time to do a sprint around your house and gather them all up – your life will be so much easier, I promise.