You’re leaving in a week… what do you need?

going to uni one week to go

By Pamela Head,

So you’ve got a week to go. The excitement is building, the nerves are rising equally quickly and you’re desperately trying to work out what you need to buy in order to be able to live comfortably on your own. Well, no fear, we’re here to help.

  1. Buy bedding
    You’ll need a duvet, pillowcases, a fitted sheet and duvet covers at the very least. Check what size your accommodation bed is; most student dwellings have single beds but you’ll find the occasional double and sometimes even a strange continental one-and-a-half size bed. Some universities also offer bedding packs for sale, so if you’re travelling a long distance and don’t fancy lugging all that stuff down with you, then have a bit of a search and see if this is a more viable option for you.
  2. Kitchen equipment
    Saucepans, cutlery, plates, bowls, a colander (everyone always forgets this one but it’ll make straining pasta, the student staple food, a LOT easier), a baking tray, mugs, glasses, shot glasses, wooden spoon, a knife and chopping board are the bare essentials. You’ll also want to check if your kitchen comes equipped with a toaster and kettle. If not, you may want to look into buying one as a cup of tea and a slice of toast is difficult to beat when you’re getting ready for a 9am lecture.
  3. Documents
    Print off your accommodation letter and make sure you’ve got your student finance documents, bank details and university acceptance letter all gathered together and in a safe place. These are potentially the most important things you’ll need so make sure you’ve got it sorted well in advance.
  4. Start packing
    It takes longer than you think and if you leave it all until the last minute, you’ll rush and forget something vital, like underwear or towels. Pack the non-essentials slowly and you’ll be sure to catch everything you need. Plus, this is a good way of gauging how much stuff you’ll have to take down with you.
  5. Make travel arrangements
    If you’re traveling down by train, you’ll be able to get cheaper fares if you book in advance. If a family member or friend is driving you down, then it’s a good idea to get it confirmed in advance so that they know to keep the day free, top up on petrol and prepare for the prospect of having to lug all your things up staircases.
  6. Clothes and fancy dress
    If your university offers fancy dress nights, as all universities invariably do, now would be a good time to start thinking about costume possibilities and take a trip to Primark. It’s also a good time to pick up those clothing essentials while you’re still at home and aren’t overcome with the freedom of a street full of shops, no parental supervision, a student discount and a large student overdraft. Prepare in advance and save your pennies when you get there…
  7. Stock up on the food essentials
    Some food like pasta and tinned goods last for months and if you bring a few things with you, then you’ll be able to avoid the inevitable crush of your local supermarket as thousands of students attempt to buy cereal, cheese and the like. You can casually relax in your new kitchen, munch on a bowl of pasta and applaud yourself for how clever you are, you genius you.

If you start getting organised, then you’ll not only reduce stress but you’ll be able to fully enjoy the last week of mothering and parental comforts. It’s the last time you’ll have someone looking out for you, so make the most of it – next week you’ll be fending for yourself!