My student kitchen: a special place

kitchen plates

By Heather McCutcheon,

The student kitchen in our 'flat 11' is actually something very special to me. At the beginning of my first year I was unfortunately put in to student accommodation with some unfriendly people who made me feel constantly uncomfortable and shy, to the point where I would dread going into the kitchen in case I saw them. I would dash in and out and avoid cooking any meals that would take more than ten minutes. Since then I have moved to a lovely flat just a couple of floors down, where the people took me under their wing and became my friends. Now in the kitchen we sit around the table in the evenings after dinner, have groups of friends over, and occasionally bump into each other when we're making midnight snacks. Here are some photos of our kitchen the day before "Gwenesday", the day our cleaner comes to sort us all out.

When nine people share two cookers things can get messy very quickly.

Newly added bin rota to make sure we all do it at some point

A typical student recycling box - Vodka, wine and pasta sauce!

Sharing our food and drinks

After lunch

My side of the kitchen sink. Just as messy as everything else.

Inside my drawer

Scrabble magnets and Dominos calendars