Student kitchen tips

student kitchen tips article

By David Nelkin,

Here’s a few quick fire tips to help you save money, stay healthy and liven up any student-cooked recipe.

  • Need to quickly chill that much need bottle of white wine for pre-drinks? Fill a bowl with a ice and a handful of salt – salted water has a lower freezing point than water so it will chill quicker
  • Get a potato peeler – and use to ‘peel’ vegetables such as carrots, courgettes for salads or pasta dishes
  • Let meat rest after cooking it – this will make it far juicier and tastier. A steak needs 5 minutes, a whole roast, 20-30. Wrap in foil with a tea towel on top to keep warm
  • Leftover herbs? Finely chop them up, rub them together with some butter, then freeze in cling film. Lovely on French bread or a jacket potato
  • Sell by dates on vegetables and non-meat/fish products – look, smell and feel them. Supermarkets often put dates on to make you buy more. An unopened butternut squash, for example, will usually keep for weeks
  • Health tip – use no-fat yoghurt instead of cream or crème fraiche 
  • Save money – buy a herb plant and water it – it will last weeks. The most versatile you can use in lots of dishes wold be basil and thyme.
  • Up the flavour – if using seeds such as cumin, fry them on a low heat in a dry frying pan to bring out the flavour. Then grind or use whole.