Recipes on a budget, cook for your mates, quick and healthy, fast food at home – whatever your fancy, theunipod has recipes and tips for cooking at university.

Student dinner parties

Student dinner parties – recipes to get you started

If you’re bored of the standard university drinking games and club nights, why not suggest a dinner party where everyone brings one dish? Dinner parties are a great way to socialise with your pals and…

Food glorious food - student food doesn’t have to be boring

Food glorious food - student food doesn’t have to be boring!

Healthy eating: is it really achievable for students? I think so! Unless you’re a keen body-builder or budding athlete, however, there is no need for this to mean some sort of strict health regime. Yo…

Students, cook pasta like the professionals

Students, cook pasta like the professionals

Believe it or not, it is possible to burn pasta and perhaps this is inevitable for many, as it is often the first meal that young people are taught to make - after beans on toast, that is. From an ear…

vegetarian diet on a student budget

How to maintain a vegetarian diet on a student budget

Do it right and you can keep up with your student budget.

Pasta for students

The student staple, pasta – keep it fresh

Zara gets creative with pasta this week to try and find some variety for next year at uni.

kitchen plates

My student kitchen: a special place

A student kitchen is so much more than just a place to cook. The kitchen in our 'flat 11' is actually something very special to me.

students on a budget food saving tips

Students on a budget – food saving tips

Find out how to save money and feel great about it!

something on toast

Something on toast?

‘Cheese on toast’, ‘beans’ on toast’… words all-to-commonly uttered in a student kitchen. Well hold fire; there’s a world of equally simple, but substantially more exciting things you can top your toa…

student kitchen tips article

Student kitchen tips

Here’s a few quick fire tips to help you save money, stay healthy and liven up any student-cooked recipe. Need to quickly chill that much need bottle of white wine for pre-drinks? Fill a bowl with …

saving money - what's in the cupboard?

Saving money - what’s in the cupboard?

Fridge empty? Shops closed? Reached your overdraft limit? Hungry but can’t handle your third Pot Noodle of the week? Oh, the memories! Well, we’re here to help. Just follow our cupboard essentials and…