Fresher's Week 2013

Fresher's week is something all prospective (and current) students get excited about. We take a look at what actually goes on, how you can prepare, and help you to settle in.

Student society

Got an idea for a student society? Make it happen!

Start your own society and have your own stand at the Fresher's Fair

Wrong university choice

What if I make the wrong choice of university or course?

With Clearing coming up, try not to panic and make the right choice

Fresher's week

Looking back on life as a Fresher

Not long to go for uni starters in 2013 - see what's in store for you

Fresher's Week

Fresher’s Week: the dos, the don’ts, and having fun without drinking

You really don't have to drink copious amounts of alcohol to enjoy Fresher's week!

first year exams at university

My first year at university: what I learned as a Fresher

When I look back on my first year at university as a Fresher, what comes to mind is all of the social things I got up to, as if I went to university just to make friends, rather than get an education.…

first year panics

First year panics: how to cope

With the news from NUS today with stats on depression and suicidal thoughts, we give you our guide to coping with stress and panics.

student unions

Student unions: what do they do?

The student union at your university is run by students for your student needs. As such, they offer a variety of services, not to mention fun events throughout the year, which you can make the most of…

student societies

University Societies: the lowdown

What is a university society? A university society is an official group set up by students to promote an activity or interest. It’s a chance for students – and non-students – to get together and part…