Enjoying university

enjoying university

By Lois Looker,

With the start of university looming, it’s difficult to know what to expect. After a summer of freedom, most of us want to put off the thought of what we need to do before getting there, but here are some things to consider which will make your undergraduate university experience all the more enjoyable.

  1. People at university are not scary. One of the biggest problems many universities find is trying to integrate many of their students who have been too scared to ask all of the right questions.  You should never be afraid to ask for help. Other students, your student union, anyone. Most of them will be in the same position as you. You’re not alone. First year panics are not uncommon, but are easily dealt with.
  2. Societies are a brilliant way of meeting new people. Many people are too afraid to go along to a society meeting for the first time by themselves. Student societies are built for like-minded people to meet and share ideas and hobbies. You’ll probably be surprised by how friendly everyone is and how much fun you’ll have.
  3. Budgets are very important! Keeping on top of your finances is crucial if you want to stay stress-free where money is concerned! Maybe ask yourself if you really need those new shoes or have to go on that night out? Our guide to saving money at university will be a good starting point.
  4. Look after yourself! Simple changes such as drinking a few pints of water a day can help you to feel better and healthier. Drinking a bottle of water during your classes can also help your concentration throughout the day. 
  5. Take some time for yourself! Whether it’s watching some TV, playing Call of Duty, painting your nails or reading a magazine, it’s good to take some time to relax and de-stress by yourself every now and again.
  6. Keep the peace! Living with new people can sometimes be a difficult experience. Instead of letting things build up and having rows, try and have discussions often with your flatmates about rules you can all agree on when you’re living together. Our guide to flat shares gives you some pointers.
  7. Keeping active keeps a happy mind! It’s very easy to become bogged down with studying or cramming around exam time but by getting involved with a sport, you’ll be able to keep fit and healthy at university and this will also help you to clear your head when studying gets too much. 
  8. Have fun! Making friends, getting involved and having a laugh is a key part of your university experience.