Settling in to your new home

settling into your new home

By theunipod,

While it can be a little scary moving out of home for the first time, it’s also really exciting. All of sudden there will be new neighbourhoods to explore, a new city to find your way around, new restaurants to try, shops to look in and people to meet.

However, to make settling in that much easier, theunipod has come up with the top ten things to look for in your new neighbourhood.

  1. Supermarket – yes, we know you could always just go online and order home delivery from Tescos but when you run out of milk and bread, it’s handy to have a supermarket nearby.
  2. Doctors – let’s face it, being sick when you’re away from home is pants. Mum’s not there to bring you chicken soup and you have to look after yourself. So, check out where your local doctor is so at least they’ll be close by to get you back on your feet, and make sure you register.
  3. Gym – whether you fancy running on the treadmill or pumping some weights, find out where your nearest (or cheapest) gym is and be sure to ask for a student discount. There’s usually one on campus.
  4. ATM machine – need cash? It’s always handy to know where you’re closest ATM is.
  5. 24 hour corner store – when you find yourself pulling an all nighter to get that assignment done, you want to know there’s a 24 hour store you can visit at 3am for a chocolate fix!
  6. Bus stop – find out where your nearest bus stop is and memorise the times your bus goes past. That’ll save you standing out on the street in the rain having just missed one.
  7. Starbucks – when you’re running late for your 8am lecture, a caffeine fix from Starbucks should do the trick
  8. Cheap eats – every neighbourhood has one, so find out where your nearest cheap eat is. If they can do a full English for under a £5er you’ve found a winner!
  9. Library – remember the reason you’re at uni? Yes, it’s to study. So finding a place to study is really important. Not only will the library provide a quiet place for you to concentrate, it’s also got handy facilities like computer labs and books with information in that you’ll need for your assignments.
  10. Your local – ok, you’ve probably found this already, but you certainly want to know where your local is. It’ll be a great place to meet up with friends but you’ll probably also find it has cheap student dinners throughout the week, bingo evenings, pub quizzes and other fun events you can join in.