Student accommodation

Our student accommodation guide will help you feel at home at uni. Whether in halls, private accommodation or a flat-share, we’re here to help.

Living costs

Living costs: halls vs private accommodation

Before deciding on a university you’ll have so many things buzzing around in your mind during this time of the academic year: UCAS, predicted grades, results, the long-awaited end of exams, summer, an…

living in halls as a second year

Living in halls as a second year

Is it all that bad staying in halls for a second year. Jess tells us all.

cleaning chores

Chores: do your bit (not everyone else’s!)

When I moved in with my new flatmates last year, it seemed at the time that I had ended up in a dream student flat. Conversations flowed easily, there was constant laughter and best of all, everyone w…

making halls your home

Top ten tips to turn your halls into a home

Moving into halls is an exciting and nerve wracking time. When you arrive at university and are presented with a blank canvas of a room that you’re told will be yours for the year, take the opportunit…

living with strangers

Living with strangers: university accommodation survival guide

Tips to help you survive living with strangers at university

Student accommodation

Learning about moving into private student accommodation

Key tips for students taking the jump from Halls to private student accommodation

Halls of residence

Buying your furniture and essentials before starting university

If you’re moving away from home to go to university and are either staying in halls of residence or in private accommodation, then you’re going to have to buy some bits and pieces of furniture. For so…

Student house key

My student house: peas in a pod

Something very exciting in my life has happened. The change came in the post, inside a small envelope with handwriting I didn’t recognise: I received the key to my student house! The landlord had wrap…

university halls

Life in university halls - #halllife

The ups and downs of living in halls of residence in your first year at uni

lease agreement

Student accommodation: end of year check list

Exams are finally drawing to a close, which means term is ending. As exciting as Summer is, unfortunately there is the tedious job of tying up the loose pieces of student housing. Whilst it was a nigh…