Life in university halls - #halllife

university halls

By Nicole Correia,

I must confess, I have a serious love-hate relationship with living in university halls. I was reminded of this bittersweet love when my kitchen cupboard door decided to fall off moments after I ordered a two-for-one Tuesday pizza from Dominos. Every first year student should experience living in halls of residence; there’s rarely a day the same!

The freedom to eat what you want when you want is great but unfortunately you do become shameless. Letting your laundry bin overflow is far less stressful at university than it is at home with someone nagging you to do it. You can do what you want, when you want. It’s up to you if your room is a ‘tip’ or ‘pig sty’, but friends or potential ‘more than friends’ will judge you if there is mould in a two week old cup of tea and knickers/boxers decorating the floor. (I’m guilty, too!)

Whilst living in student halls can expensive it is probably the only chance we’ll ever get to live a couple doors down from all our friends. Halls can allow you to feel as if you’re living in a little village among your friends, classmates and people with similar experiences - you really must make the most of your time there! Oddly enough, it does become normal, almost home-like, to get into a lift in your pjs to see your friend, or to knock on the bedroom door opposite for your classmate to open it. It’s lovely!

I love my university bed. There is just something about it that is so unbelievably comfy in the morning that I literally must have breakfast in bed on a daily basis. It’s really nice to have an en-suite as well. I’m lucky enough to live in university halls that do, and not having to angrily knock on the bathroom door in urgency – like I do at home - was not too hard to get used to! Blissful! The cupboard space is good and my desk is just the right size for all my papers and studying junk. #halllife – it’s pretty sweet.

I have really enjoyed living away from home this year, despite sometimes missing my home comforts (and family): I am definitely a bath person, so during term time I buy some extra nice smellies so that I don’t miss my beloved bubble baths too much. Our halls don’t have sofas, although some unis do, so I always miss crashing on the sofa on weekends. However, in saying that, it does make visiting home even more relaxing when I know I can just lie on the sofa all day to make up for lost time.

It’s important to see the good in living in halls of residence, even when things go wrong- i.e. your cupboard door falls off. I know when I moved flats I struggled getting used to sleeping somewhere else, and trying to get used to the noise that would be outside my window on union nights - drunk people shout the funniest things, let me tell you. But when it’s stupid o’clock in the morning and you’re trying to sleep, it doesn’t seem very funny at all. Especially for me, as a guilty morning person, I love an early night and this did not impress me - but it all comes with the highs and lows of hall life.

Sometimes it’s reassuring to know you’re not the only one missing home, or hating on the party goers when you’re not one of them. I can’t count the amount of times I’ve boiled the kettle and had a cuppa and a moan with friends about hall life, but all in all I’m a bit sad to leave halls and move into a house. ‘It’s the end of an era!’ we keep saying! It’s all going too quickly! But then again…one of my student housemates does own every single FRIENDS episode on DVD….and the other does make a great lasagne…Yeah, I think I can quickly forget being nostalgic and sad. I cannot deny that I am really, really excited for the next step….and buying cushions for our new house!

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