My student house: peas in a pod

Student house key

By Nicole Correia,

Something very exciting in my life has happened. The change came in the post, inside a small envelope with handwriting I didn’t recognise: I received the key to my student house! The landlord had wrapped it in kitchen roll, which made me laugh; only a student would receive a key in the mail wrapped in a bit of kitchen roll. If it was one of our parents keys no doubt it would have been couriered or at least disguised by a piece of card, or another small envelope. Nope. Mine came wadded in the stuff my flatmates avoided buying all year round, cleaning up – or not cleaning up - all spills with any dish towel. I was really excited to receive the key and I can’t wait to move into the house itself.

It will be a student house share with four other girl housemates, who are among the loveliest people I have met at university. We are literally like happy peas in a pod when we are together and our townhouse (complete with tiny, weeny garden and loft extension) will be our very own pod. Before moving in we have had a few hiccups, and it’s important that first years choose to live their second year with people they can talk to about these ‘hiccups’ or problems, and people who they are hopeful will do their bit around the house.

Having been through the rigmarole of experiencing student life as an estate agent already, I was hoping for an easy ride for here on. There were a few things we weren’t happy with about the house, and so we have to ask the landlord to make some amendments - the downstairs bedroom and its lack of privacy, the curtains in the other bedrooms, and the flake-y paint in one of the rooms. All-in-all, our student house is pretty sound and it’s furnished nicely. We’ve also had discussions on the best way to pay the bills and the best course of action and a contingency plan for “what do we do if there is no internet??!?!” We haven’t even moved in yet and we have been flapping about everything there is to flap about! However, I’m glad that we have as I know that should a problem arise (dampness is common in student homes, for example) our team of peas in a pod will be ready to sort it out together.

Between five girls we have one bathroom and upon hearing this everyone seems to say “oh, blimey..”. Yet I remain hopeful! We’ll manage….and no doubt have to get uncomfortably close at some points whilst living there…but you take the good with the bad as a student, right? And I am so excited about it all. I have visions of us all watching TV in the living room, or reading and chatting (we can do that at the same time – you first year at uni does teach you something) and preparing dinner together, i.e. peeling potatoes whilst Eastenders is on, all of us on the sofa doing various other prep jobs. I can see us squabbling about who’s going to take out the bins, knickers and bras dominating the radiators, and just generally enjoying having a cosy home together.

I recently spoke with our landlord on the phone about the moving in situation and I was pleasantly surprised by the sound of his voice….he sounded young, and dare I say it, attractive…I mentioned this to the other four and a couple days later Becca confirmed that he was indeed young and attractive after meeting him to collect her key! Result!...I think… If he’s young and attractive…he’ll be nice to us, right?

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