Student accommodation: end of year check list

lease agreement

By theunipod community,

Exams are finally drawing to a close, which means term is ending. As exciting as Summer is, unfortunately there is the tedious job of tying up the loose pieces of student housing. Whilst it was a nightmare setting up internet, gas and electricity at the start of the term, they also need to be terminated at the end of your lease (let's face it, you don't want to see another water bill for a long time!). In case you aren't sure about what needs finalising, here's a few pointers to tying up your student accommodation.

Check your tenancy agreement

Make sure you don't have any specific obligations such as gardening or cleaning the property. It should also say when and how your landlord wants your keys to be returned.

Utility bills

You need to contact your gas, electricity and water companies to provide them with any information so they can issue your final bill. When all the bills have been paid, it’s a good idea to ask the company for evidence - you don't want any unwanted charges.


Know which deposit protection scheme you are protected by - this could be useful if you have any deposit disputes. Perhaps take pictures of the house and your room when you leave it, just so you know its condition on the day that you leave.


Bag it and bin it! Don't leave any unwanted items around the house. Rubbish charges could be deducted from your deposit because of student laziness. Make the effort and find out where the nearest recycling or rubbish facilities are for you. Try and leave your house and room in the same condition you found it in, so head down to the shops with your housemates and stock up on cleaning products. Give your room a good clean and make note of any damages/stains etc that you spot. Oh, and don't forget to do the oven!

More information can be found at your Student Union or