Making the most of your time at university

making the most of your time at uni

By Nicole Correia,

Wasting time is something we’re all guilty of and (somehow) incredibly good at. Once at university you’ll have a lot more time on your hands than you had before and yet so much more to be doing. With this in mind it is even more important not to waste your time. When at university you really must make the most of it, as before you know it you’ll be pulling your hair out over what you want to do after graduating. Here at theunipod we have put together some ideas on how you can be a little more productive - we are all students/have been students so we know exactly what it is like resisting a duvet day a week away from a big   oursework deadline.

Wasting money

Eeek! Something your dad always absent-mindedly muttered when you came home with another Claire’s accessories purchase or several football magazines as a thirteen year old – “what a waste of money”. Now you’ll understand how quickly those silly,  pointless buys add up, even after you’ve successfully fought the temptation for a massive spend when your student loan comes  in: “It just never ends, does it?!”- you’ll begin sound like your Mum, too, it seems, unless you begin to ask yourself “do I really need this?”, or do I just inexplicably want it now? If the answer is the latter, move on. You’ll thank yourself later when you’re not scavenging in your flatmates cupboard for food, or can’t go out for a birthday because you’re just simply too poor.

Wasting time when you should be studying

This is probably the most common reason that we all ‘waste time’. It’s simply not natural to study all the time, but we probably all should be studying a lot more than we actually do. Whilst you’re at university for your degree and your education, it’s important to time manage effectively and balance it with a buzzing social life. You don’t want to waste time for the sake of it for lack of things to do, and so you should use as much of your free time as you can doing new or different things. Don’t coop yourself up inside; you’ve got your retirement years for that!

Join societies, get to know your campus and the town, meet up with new people... become their friends...and then waste time, not studying, together! It’s more worth your while to socialise, to feel happy and fun, than to feel lazy and guilty that you’re not studying on your own inside your room! There may be times when you miss your old friends but you have month long holidays to catch up with them; whilst you’re at university make the best effort to find new friends - they’re the ones that’ll be there for you when you when you can’t find your lecture theatre, fancy a night out after a dodgy exam, when you’ve run out of milk, or when you need an excuse not to study and to chat for hours on end.

Boredom is a waste of time

Sometimes you’ll find that after you’ve finished your assignments, had the excitement of making friends and doing new things, you’ll find yourself mind-numbingly bored when you have nothing planned. It’s at these times that it becomes so easy to waste time. However, stop yourself. The time could be used to earn yourself thousands....when you eventually start looking for a job upon graduating that is! Tidy up your CV, apply for internships/ work experience, and fill up your calendar around all those social commitments. If you’ve no idea where to apply, do some research into what on earth you’re going to do with your life when you’re no longer a student! Getting your act together will stop you from being bored, and it will help you feel you’ve  accomplished something at the end of the day. Who knows what kind of work experience you could land and who you could meet.

Wasting time is a luxury now that you’ve left school, and between your social engagements, studies and potential work  commitments, you’ll soon begin to really appreciate the opportunities you’re left with to ‘do nothing’. Once you’ve flown the nest, left home, your parents and started university, how you spend your time is really up to you. Don’t waste it. It really will fly by!