University In five words - Jaini

University in five words - Jaini

By Jaini Haria,

University is not just about studying for a degree in order to get a good job. It is an experience and everybody has a different university experience. Some people choose to move to different parts of the country, others study abroad, whilstsome choose to stay in their home city. No matter what decisions you make, going to university is a new chapter in your lives.

When asked to sum up what I thought of university in five words, my mind was flooded with an array of words that summed up what university was for me. However, I managed to narrow them down to a top five.


If you are feeling nervous or scared about starting university, do not! It’s completely normal to feel like this. Everyone is scared in one way or another when they first start university. Even though it is exciting, at the same time it can be daunting. The thought of going somewhere unknown and not having any friends initially can be nerve-racking. However, this feeling quickly passes as you make friends and get to know the university and its surroundings.

Another daunting part of university can be the course work and assignments. The standard of work that is expected is a lot higher than at school. Once again, this soon goes away and there is always help at hand from other students and lecturers.


I chose to live in Nottingham as I would be studying at the Univesity of Nottingham and since moving I have become so much more independent (I didn’t really have a choice). Learning to organise your time so you can do your university work, as well as things like cleaning and cooking is all part of the university experience. Moving away for university is like being thrown into the deep end, but once you get used to it, you do not want to go back.

Even if you do not move out of home for university, the university courses encourage you to be more independent with your work. You are expected to do your own independent research and read around what you have learnt. Although tutors will push you in the right direction, it is up to you how much or little work you do, but you should not feel disheartened by this. It is a chance for you to challenge yourself and pursue your own interests in the subject area.


Throughout your university experience you will discover parts of your subject that you had never even thought about, a campus or city where you can enjoy yourself and you will discover things about yourself that you never knew. University tests you in all aspects of life, not just academically, and provides you with new experiences and memories. Through the years you spend there you will learn so much more about the world around you and yourself.


I have only been at university for a year. However, I feel as though I am a different person to that when I first started. University allows you express yourself through joining societies and meeting people that are interested in the things you like, no matter how wacky or weird. It also encourages you to challenge things that you have been taught in the past and explore your course further. Throughout university you develop many skills, which help you mature and learn more about who you are.


No matter what your university experience is, you will never forget it. There may be ups and downs but you will leave with so many memories, close friends and hopefully a degree! Going to university is unlike anything else you will do in your life and you will always cherish the years you spent there.

I believe that these five words have best summed what going to university means for me. Although at first I was scared, I have now embraced being a university student and am having the time of my life. Hopefully your experience at university will be as memorable and interesting as mine has been!