Surviving uni

Our survival guide will help you to stroll through your time at uni. How to cope living with strangers to handling stress, managing your finances to those easy-to-cook (and cheap!) student recipes, and just what is Moodle? And Blackboard?

university life

How to juggle your course and your social life

Learn how to have fun without flunking

Students, cook pasta like the professionals

Students, cook pasta like the professionals

Believe it or not, it is possible to burn pasta and perhaps this is inevitable for many, as it is often the first meal that young people are taught to make - after beans on toast, that is. From an ear…

ways to make money at uni

How to make money as a student – easy extra cash

Students always need money - here's our tips on how to make some at uni

university in 5 words

University In five words - Nicole

We asked a number of students to describe their university experience in five words, to give you an overview of what to expect. Hilarious This is the first word that sprung to mind when describing u…

making the most of your time at uni

Making the most of your time at university

Wasting time is something we’re all guilty of and (somehow) incredibly good at. Once at university you’ll have a lot more time on your hands than you had before and yet so much more to be doing. With …

visiting your kids at uni

Parent’s guide to visiting your kids at university

The guide for parents on how to behave at university.

vegetarian diet on a student budget

How to maintain a vegetarian diet on a student budget

Do it right and you can keep up with your student budget.

Moodle and Blackboard

A students' guide to Moodle and Blackboard

You'll hear these two words everywhere - but what actually are they?!

University in five words - Jaini

University In five words - Jaini

This month Jaini sums up the 'daunting' nature of uni for us

Help your child choose a university

How to help your child choose a university

Parents, this is the time to really lend a helping hand and much needed advice