Surviving uni

Our survival guide will help you to stroll through your time at uni. How to cope living with strangers to handling stress, managing your finances to those easy-to-cook (and cheap!) student recipes, and just what is Moodle? And Blackboard?

help your child choose a university

How to help your child choose a university

Parental support can make the transition from school to university a great deal smoother. For many, however, even knowing where to begin the search for a suitable university can seem daunting – especi…

cleaning chores

Chores: do your bit (not everyone else’s!)

When I moved in with my new flatmates last year, it seemed at the time that I had ended up in a dream student flat. Conversations flowed easily, there was constant laughter and best of all, everyone w…

interview with university student parents

Being the parent of a university student: Mum vs Dad

Secondary schools, universities, and UCAS application forms fire questions that sons and daughters can’t revise for about their university prospects and aims. Yesterday’s children are now tomorrow’s y…

making halls your home

Top ten tips to turn your halls into a home

Moving into halls is an exciting and nerve wracking time. When you arrive at university and are presented with a blank canvas of a room that you’re told will be yours for the year, take the opportunit…

getting yourself known

Making yourself known in the department

While the tile might sound like something meant only for the brightest and the most eager students on your course, having a good relationship with the members of staff in your department at university…

enjoying university

Enjoying university

Make your undergraduate experience all the more enjoyable...

Curry at university

Curry: the part it plays in uni life

You'll soon discover how integral a curry is to your time at university

Relationships at university

Relationships and university - don't feel broken up!

Broadly speaking, each year's university intake includes two types of people: 'single' and 'taken'. It's not for me to say which status makes the transition to university life easiest, but as somebody…

living with strangers

Living with strangers: university accommodation survival guide

Tips to help you survive living with strangers at university

student union for freshers

How important is the student union to a Fresher?

Shops, bars, restaurants, cafes, cash points, maps... you'll find everything you need here