Surviving uni

Our survival guide will help you to stroll through your time at uni. How to cope living with strangers to handling stress, managing your finances to those easy-to-cook (and cheap!) student recipes, and just what is Moodle? And Blackboard?

Fresher’s week, on your terms

Fresher’s week, on your terms

Be yourself. Do it your way. And you'll have the time of your life.

My First lectures

Fresher experiences: my first lectures

We reveal the truth about what you will find when you walk into your first lecture!

Stay safe during fresher's week

Ten tips for staying safe during Fresher’s week

Fresher's week is all about having fun, but it's just as important to keep safe

Stay healthy during Fresher's week

Ten tips for staying healthy during Fresher’s week

Fight off Fresher's Flu with our top ten tips to staying healthy

Drinking during Fresher';s week

Fresher’s week – what if I don’t drink?

There's a lot more to a student night than copious amounts of alcohol

Inside a Fresher's mind

Getting inside the mind of a Fresher

This week’s interview is with Verity Rowan, a soon-to-be Fresher at the University of Kent studying History. We discuss her about her search for the perfect university and her journey to getting the g…

make uni your second home

Make university your second home

Settle in quickly with some home comforts...

Cyberbullying at university

Cyberbullying in universities: speaking out

With recent events, make sure you know who to speak to if you are affected

student loan

How to make that undergraduate loan last the term

Tips on how to hold back from blowing your student loan in your first week

Making friends at university

It starts with Fresher’s week: making lifelong friends

This is certainly something that comes with time. I didn't meet my current house mates until my second term at university, but along the way I made some fantastic pals. During your first term at unive…