Surviving uni

Our survival guide will help you to stroll through your time at uni. How to cope living with strangers to handling stress, managing your finances to those easy-to-cook (and cheap!) student recipes, and just what is Moodle? And Blackboard?


theunipod’s guide to flatshares

You’ve survived your first year at university living in halls of residence. Now for the next step of university life; flat sharing. Moving into a flatshare with friends – or strangers – requires a bi…

how to boost your immune system

How to boost your immune system

Stress, new environment, late nights and alcohol can reduce the power of your immune system…fresher’s flu anyone? But you don’t have to look forward to an autumn term with a thick throat, dripping nos…

Come Dine With Me

Come Dine With Me: the new generation

Universities up and down the country are holding their own CDWM soirees which undeniably rival our Channel 4 favourite.


Are Freshers prepared for university life?

Being a fresher is an exciting experience. For the first time in your life, you’re independent. Don’t want to get up until 4pm? Then don’t! Want to cover yourself in neon paint and spend all night in …

going to uni one month to go

You’re leaving for university in a month… what do you need?

You’ve just got your results, had your place confirmed and celebrated finally achieving that lifelong goal – congratulations! But where do you start now you’ve got the very real prospect of moving awa…

settling into your new home

Settling in to your new home

While it can be a little scary moving out of home for the first time, it’s also really exciting. All of sudden there will be new neighbourhoods to explore, a new city to find your way around, new rest…

leaving home for the first time

Leaving home for the first time

For many students, going to uni is a major milestone in their lives. But it also comes with another one – leaving home.Life’s usually pretty good when you live at home. The cupboards tend to be full, …

where your student loan will go over the course of a year

Where your student loan will go over the course of a year

When you fill in that student loan application, confirm your place at university and first get that lump sum paid into your student bank account, it looks like it’ll be more than enough. But have you …

Drinking Culture at University

There are two things synonymous with the word ‘university’: Learning, and drinking. Both are things that most students will partake in at some point. Both are also things that students can feel ostrac…

leaving for uni in a month

You’re leaving today… what will you forget?

You’ve got your A-Level results, confirmed your place and waited for what seems like years for this moment but finally the big day is here – you’re moving to university! Read on for a checklist to mak…