Hull York Medical School
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Hull York Medical School are a small and friendly college. Despite being only ten years old, the school has a strong reputation as an undergraduate medical school, consistently ranking in the top ten in the UK. Their innovative curriculum emphasises modern teaching methods, a solid grounding in the sciences and regular clinical experience.

The Vitals

Source: NSS, KIS and HESA

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  • Fees Domestic £9,000
  • Average graduate salary information icon£30,000
  • Students in work/study information icon100%
  • Student union satisfaction information icon70%

Student accommodation

Source: KIS

Typical annual cost of university/college accommodation: £4,100 - £4,800

Typical annual cost of private accommodation: £3,200 - £3,850

Hull York Medical School
0870 1245500

UCAS code: H75

Hull York Medical School
Hertford Building
University of Hull