King's College London (University of London)
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Having King’s College on your CV will be a good starting point for getting a job. Studying at one of the world’s top universities, you’ll be in the heart of London, with four main campuses around the Thames. There is a big international emphasis with opportunities for studying abroad and exchange programmes.

The Vitals

Source: NSS, KIS and HESA

  • Boy/Girl Ratio Boys 37%
    Girls 63%
  • Student
    satisfaction information icon
  • Fees Domestic £9,000 International £14,000
  • Average graduate salary information icon£21,741
  • Students in work/study information icon89%
  • Student union satisfaction information icon67%
  • Total students 26,460
  • Overseas students 6,660
  • Disability information icon7%

Student accommodation

Source: KIS

Typical annual cost of university/college accommodation: £5,980 - £6,740

Typical annual cost of private accommodation: £4,800 - £6,400

King's College London (University of London)
0207 836 5454

UCAS code: K60

King's College London (University of London)
King's College London