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Swansea University is ‘a good place to be’ according to 96.2% of its students. Its stunning location surely has a part to play in this - set in rolling parkland overlooking the majestic sweep of Swansea Bay, and within easy reach of the city. From stunning coastal scenery to tranquil parks, a thriving cultural scene to the best of modern city living, Swansea offers the best of all worlds.

The Vitals

Source: NSS, KIS and HESA

  • Boy/Girl Ratio Boys 48%
    Girls 52%
  • Student
    satisfaction information icon
  • Fees Domestic £9,000 International £10,100
  • Average graduate salary information icon£17,291
  • Students in work/study information icon87%
  • Student union satisfaction information icon71%
  • Total students 19,790
  • Overseas students 2,170
  • Disability information icon9%

Student accommodation

Source: KIS

Typical annual cost of university/college accommodation: £3,820 - £4,960

Typical annual cost of private accommodation: £2,340 - £2,916

Swansea University
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UCAS code: S93

Swansea University
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