University of Sunderland
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A New University in the north-east in an affordable city, with five Halls of Residences, all within 1.5 miles of the city centre. Pharmacy and Education are big draws here with high recruiting levels. The University of Sunderland has a student satisfaction rating of 82%

The Vitals

Source: NSS, KIS and HESA

  • Boy/Girl Ratio Boys 44%
    Girls 56%
  • Student
    satisfaction information icon
  • Fees Domestic £7,000 International £9,000
  • Average graduate salary information icon£23,600
  • Students in work/study information icon87%
  • Student union satisfaction information icon57%
  • Total students 17,380
  • Overseas students 3,675
  • Disability information icon5%

Student accommodation

Source: KIS

Typical annual cost of university/college accommodation: £3,170 - £3,400

Typical annual cost of private accommodation: £2,292 - £3,000

University of Sunderland
+44 (0)191 515 2000

UCAS code: S84

University of Sunderland
Edinburgh Building
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