Here’s My Story

Max Ellis

“Learning never stops” has never been so true than now.

Hi, I’m Max Ellis, and I’m interested in showing you how to make learning easy and fun with different tools at your disposal through

I understand that learning is an essential factor for growth, and yet, it is one of the hardest things to do. As the world evolves with the introduction of more entertainment and relaxation spheres, education and learning seem to take a turn for the worst.

I don’t want to scare you, but if we’re being realistic, education could become harder in the nearest future.

I thought of a means by which we could make learning fun and exciting for everyone. If learning can be combined with science and technology to produce a powerful combination, it will go a long way to improve our learning ability.

If you are looking for alternative means to make your learning more exciting and engaging, then TheUniPod is for you. There are many resources online on how to improve your learning ability, but most of them are not detailed enough, and yet, they make learning look like a herculean task.

Here’s what you’ll receive from this site. The first part is my way of sharing my professional experience with you on learning.

It’s not just enough to get a private space; sit down and bring out your learning materials. It goes further than that. This part contains educational posts showing you how to learn, combining technology with your learning activity for more retention.

The second part contains an in-depth buying guide on selecting the best materials to aid your learning. I’m not just going to stop at alternative learning methods without giving you expert tips on how to get these materials hassle-free. It’s also an essential part of learning too.

So grab a seat, and go through the detailed posts I’ve made for you on this delicate matter.

Since learning never gets old, I’m still working on more fun but educational posts on how to increase your learning ability and other matters. There are lots of tips you wouldn’t want to miss on exciting ways to improve education and other great stuff.

Also, I have developed a newsletter. You can get notifications each time I put on a new post, so you don’t miss any important detail in this project. Subscribing to my newsletter will give you access to more news and posts.

I’d also love to hear from you at any time. I would love to read your comments about the challenges you face when reading. If you shoot me an email, you’ll get my immediate attention. I love getting feedback, so if you want to interact with me one-on-one, here’s your chance.

Let’s get down to it and have fun learning!