Best Math Learning Apps For Adults

Best Math Learning Apps For Adults


February 12, 2022

Thanks to technology, studying from the comfort of your home is possible, and it can be a relief, especially for you – an adult who has other pressing responsibilities.

If you are searching for the best math learning apps for adults, this post is for you. We’ve put so much into this, and you are going to enjoy the value in this article.

If you’re ready, let’s start with an overview of what a math learning app is and why you need it.

What is a Math Learning App?

What is a Math Learning App?

A learning app is an app built with the intent to educate. It aims to provide a quick and easy solution to the otherwise tedious educational processes.

These apps cover a variety of subjects, including Chemistry, English, Physics, Math, and more.

Some learning apps focus on teaching a single subject, while others cover a wide range of subjects.

A math learning app is developed solely to teach mathematics. In some cases, you can find math learning apps that cover a particular topic in math and others focus on teaching different math topics.

Why Should I Use a Math Learning App?

Why Should I Use a Math Learning App?

Math learning apps have helped many people – both young and old – deepen their understanding of math topics.

Adults who have used these apps are quick to see how helpful the apps can be.

Here are a couple of reasons you should opt for a math learning app instead of the traditional way of thumbing through a textbook:

  • Learning from the comfort of your home: You don’t have to spend time and money on attending a brick-and-mortar class. Besides, it removes the risks and hassles on the road.
  • Using a math learning app helps in managing your resources: Consider the amount of money you would pay if you are to hire a private tutor. But all these have been taken care of. And guess what? You can get many of these apps for free!

Best Math Learning Apps for Adults

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the best apps you should look out for.

What we have here is a list of recommended math apps for adults. They will enhance your mathematical skill.

#1 IXL Math Practice

#1 IXL Math Practice

IXL Math Practice is a math learning app built to help students and adults develop confidence in math. At the same time, the app helps users to gain fluency in mathematics.

Standout Features and Strengths

How does IXL Math Practice help you achieve all these? The app employs real-world scenarios and engaging items to give users a top-notch experience.

The app is packed with unlimited interactive and fun questions. Plus, these questions are frequently updated.

IXL Math Practice has in-store awards to reward excellence. This is to motivate learners to put more effort into learning.

The app has over 13 million registered users across the globe. It offers a free and paid membership, and lessons are categorized into grades, including:

  • Preschool: This category has about 67 math skills. In other words, users who choose to enroll under this category will improve their skills in over 60 areas.
  • Foundation: The Foundation category has about 210 math skills included. Under this category, you will learn number lines, how to count forward and backward, and lots more.
  • Year 1 through year 12: The Year 1 category includes about 217 different math topics. These include counting numbers up to 100, reading the clock, word problems, and more.

There are 292 math skills included in the Year 2 category. They include interpreting tally charts, how to count money, place values, comparing clocks, and more.

This continues to the Year 12 category. Under this category, you will learn about graphs, how to identify inverse functions, factorizing sums and differences of cubes, finding inverse functions and relations, and plenty of other math skills.

That is to say, you can opt-in for any class based on your experience and skill level. Also, it has a curriculum that helps in teaching and learning management.

The app is compatible with Android, iPhone/iPad.


While IXL Math Practice is a great math app, it may not be an adult-intent app. That’s another way of saying it is not specifically designed for adults.

However, you can rest assured that it is a good start for adults.

IXL Math Practice has impacted numerous Irish students positively, and it is recognized as relevant in many regions of the world.


If you are looking for a standard place to begin developing and enhancing your math skills, this app is for you. The free version of this app is value-loaded and the paid version is worth every single cent!

#2 Math Workout

#2 Math Workout

A list of the best math learning apps for adults would be incomplete without the Math Workout app. The learning app is designed to help sharpen the reasoning and logic skills of all age groups using mathematics.

Math Workout is a very popular math learning app in several parts of the world. Through the use of the app, many people – regardless of age – have been able to take their thinking to a whole new level.

Standout Features and Strengths

Kumon Education, a Japanese method of teaching, was the inspiration behind the Math Workout idea. This math learning app enhances the math skills of adults through daily math drills and brain training exercises.

The app records your progress and gives you a score at the end of every task. Through machine learning and advanced algorithms, the math app has helped people identify their weaknesses, and help them develop.

Math Workout works well on iPads, Android mobiles, and iPhones. Additionally, the app targets teenagers and adults.


If you are going to be missing your meals for anything, then it should be on Math Workout! It enhances your math skills and allows you to have fun at the same time.

Math Workout is one of the older math apps designed to solve the problem of math learning. You can give it a try. You won’t regret it.

#3 Big Math Flash Cards

#3 Big Math Flash Cards

Big Math Flash Cards is a math learning app developed to aid students and even adults who are keen on enhancing their math and logic skills.

Standout Features and Strengths

Big Math Flash Cards is an easy-to-use math learning app, making it simpler to use for non-tech savvy adults.

On this math learning app, mathematical problems are flipped as cards, with the math problems ranging from addition to division. Problems and numbers are randomly generated to keep your interest refreshed.

Big Math Flash Cards tracks your progress and gives you a score in percent and the time it took you to solve the problem. Problem difficulty is in a few different levels, so you can choose a difficulty level that suits your current math skills level.

Portrait or landscape display and different flashcard color themes are available on the app.

The app is available in different languages, including English, Japanese, French, German, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Spanish languages.

In addition to these features, Big Math Flash Cards also offers some features through in-app purchases. This is to say, you can opt for the basic free or go for the paid version to access the complete features.

The features available on in-app purchase include:

  • Flash Card Mode: This feature allows the app to show you the answers to operations in place of multiple possible answers. You either swipe up to indicate that the answer displayed is correct or vice versa.
  • Score Cards: With this feature, you can view and review previous questions and your answers.
  • Specific Numbers: You get to choose whether you want to practice using multiple or single numbers.
  • Review Incorrectly: This allows you to review previous questions that you answered incorrectly.
  • Mixed Operations: You can change questions formats with this feature. It allows you to choose what your questions should look like. For example, you get to choose from fixed operations problems or mixed operations problems.
  • Advanced levels: The in-app purchase comes with advanced difficulty levels, which are levels 4, 5, and 6.


Regardless of the various outstanding features, the app is not without a few downsides.

  • For iPhones, it requires iOS 9.0 or later versions.
  • For iPads, it requires iPadOS 9.0 or any other later versions.
  • An iPod touch requires iOS 9.0 and above.
  • For Mac usage, it requires macOS 11.0 or any later version.

Additionally, the app is only compatible with a Mac that has an Apple M1 chip.


Big Math Flash Cards math learning app is developed by Masato Takagi. It was released on the 5th of November, 2014.

You only need to pay $3 to unlock all the features on the application.

#4 Khan Academy

#4 Khan Academy

The Khan Academy is focused on transforming educational systems across continents. Aside from being a math learning app, it is one of the learning apps that cover a wide range of subjects.

The most interesting thing about the app is that it has been categorized for use by adults and teenagers.

Standout Features and Strengths

Khan Academy consolidates and covers the previous voids in your understanding of your preferred subjects. Afterward, you are provided with the necessary guidance to take your knowledge of the subjects to a new height.

Khan Academy’s app contents are products of expertise. Among the apps here on our list of best math learning apps for adults, Khan Academy boasts more updated libraries and lessons.

Not only is Khan Academy designed to help adults and students, but teachers can also make use of it. It assists teachers in planning their lessons for effective teaching to improve students’ understanding.

Khan Academy app is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The content is available in multiple languages, including English, Español, Francais, Indonesia, Italy, and more.


Khan Academy has been in existence for about 16 years now. It was founded in 2006.

The Academy provides lessons for users using YouTube. It has spent 15 years and still counting doing this. Trust us when we say the academy didn’t waste those years playing around.

This math learning app is a good start for you.

#5 Educreations

#5 Educreations

Educreations is a Learning Community that has come to solve the problem of adult math learning using an entirely different approach. Being placed fifth in the best math learning apps is already being partial towards it.

You read that right! Usually, Educreations should come up as number one.

Is it that good? Absolutely!

If you are looking for an interactive place to develop yourself in all aspects, Educreations is for you.

Standout Features and Strengths

Educreations serves a dual purpose; it is a tool for learning and also for teaching.

With Educreations, you can give out what you know by creating video tutorials. It has a feature that also allows you to record and integrate your voice into your tutorial.

Teaching and learning are fun in Educreations! The interactive recording tool allows users to share learning tips on just about any subject, including math.

One standout feature of this app is that you can break down any type of content into lessons for understanding. Plus, you can do this using enhanced and engaging presentations.

Your video tutorials are automatically saved on Educreations. Plus, there is no risk of losing them, even if you misplace your gadget. Your Educreations account is accessible 24/7.

There are more benefits to using Educreation and you will come to discover them when you start using it.


While Educreations is a great learning app, it has one drawback.  It is only compatible with the iPad.


Educreations has a free and premium version, although you won’t feel left out, even with the free version. Both versions are value-loaded.

The paid version is priced at $12 per month. You can as well pay a one-time amount of $100 to unlock all premium features.

Other Math Learning Apps for Adults You Can Check

  • Star Dash Studios
  • Photomath
  • King of Math
  • GeometryPad
  • SumQuest



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