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Exposing the Elite 5: UK’s Cheapest MBAs Revealed to Save Big Bucks!

We’re back again, but this time we’ll be letting you know the Top 5 Cheapest MBAs in the UK.

Now, one thing we need to point out before we carry on.

The 5 MBAs we talk about may not be the cheapest by tuition fee alone.

We’ve factored in the cost of living in that particular city and even the value for money from that particular MBA.

We’ve also tried to include the most cost-effective MBAs in London.

We felt this was important because a lot of students out there want to be in London, no matter what!

We recognise that.

So, although that MBA might not be the cheapest in the UK – London is an expensive place to live – it will be a very cost-effective London based MBA!

1. University of Greenwich

International Business, MBA – £18,000 – 24 months full time

Accommodation for Postgraduate students in Central London is available from £160 per week!

At first glance, this may seem like an expensive MBA, but some factors make it great value for money.

Based in Central London, The University of Greenwich is as central as you get!

A beautiful campus in the heart of London.

The MBA also comes with a 1-year internship that helps you become more employable after graduation.

Finally, the university has dedicated accommodation for Postgraduate students from only £160 per week with bills included.

For London, this is extremely affordable!

2. De Montfort University

Global MBA – £16,000 – 12 or 15 months full time

The Global MBA at DMU is an extremely popular course amongst Indian students.

What makes it so popular is that it’s available to Freshers, which means you can join this MBA without any previous work experience and from any background.

It’s also dual accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

The Global MBA also has an option to do an ‘Executive Company Project’ which is a 3-month work placement.

This may seem like a short work placement, but any work experience is a real benefit.

DMU is based in Leicester, which is around 100 miles from London.

It’s considered a smaller city but has absolutely everything a student needs to have a great time.

Affordable accommodation, great food and it’s based in the city centre – perfect!

3. Leeds Beckett University

Graduate MBA – £15,000 – 12 or 18 months full time

As a Leeds Business School student, you will join a community that includes research-active academic staff, industry experts, members of the city’s business networks and fellow students.

You will have access to guest lectures given by industry experts sharing their professional experience.

Also, you have the opportunity to enhance your CV with a work placement.

Your tutors will support you throughout the selection process and if you are successful at the interview, you will complete a period of work at a junior managerial level, which makes this MBA really attractive.

You will have access to guest lectures given by industry experts

4. University of East London

MBA – £15,720 – 12 months full time

The University of East London is rooted in London’s most exciting region for enterprise, between the major financial institutions of Canary Wharf and pioneering new businesses in Stratford and Shoreditch.

They work with institutions, from Bloomberg to Barclaycard, to bring you cutting-edge insight into the way contemporary businesses are run.

For a London-based University, this MBA is really affordable with amazing industry links.

Whether you want to work in senior management, business consultancy, or build your own enterprise, this MBA will give you the skills, inspiration and connections to achieve it.

5. Teesside University

MBA – £14,300 – 12 months full time

One of the most affordable MBAs in the UK, and based in one of the most affordable places to live in the UK for students.

This course is perfect for those students where the price is the driving factor in their decision.

By studying this MBA, you gain an internationally renowned qualification and develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills to make an immediate impact in the workplace.

The course is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

On successful completion of the MBA, students will also be eligible for a CMI level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership!

One of the most affordable MBAs in the UK,

Final Thought on the Cheapest MBAs In The UK

There are, of course, other MBA options out there, which may have slightly fewer tuition fees, but for the overall value, we feel these options are great!

If you want to find out more about any other MBAs in the UK, or any other courses look out for our future blogs or get in touch.

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