iPad Vs. Kindle For Reading

iPad Vs. Kindle For Reading


February 12, 2022

The Apple iPad and the Amazon Kindle are two of the most popular devices ever made. 

Since the iPad is a multi-use device that can also be functional for reading, and the Kindle is designed only for reading, why not kill two birds with one stone, and go for an iPad, you may ask? 

Also, since they are two different devices, why are we comparing them anyway?

First, there’s no basis for comparison between the iPad and Kindle.  One is a multi-purpose gadget; the other is an e-reader. 

However, because the iPad can also function as an e-reader, many people tend to choose between the two when considering a new reading device. 

While they both deliver excellent services (that’s why they sell fast!), there are several things you still need to consider if what you desire is a perfect reading experience.

The main difference between the iPad and Kindle is that while Kindle is explicitly designed for reading, the iPad, among other things, could also be used for reading. 

So, which offers a better reading experience, provides more options, and is better suited to help in research?  And more importantly, when at a crossroads, which of these two devices should a student get?

If you’re eager to find out, then let’s begin the “iPad vs. Kindle for reading” matchup!  We would be critically analyzing the two devices and should conclude which is more suitable to deliver an excellent reading experience for you.

We begin with the iPad.



Since its launch in 2010, the iPad has established itself as one of mankind’s most favored gadgets. 

It can serve as an entertainment set, a photo studio, a laptop and can run more apps than you’ll ever need.  However, we are considering the iPad as an e-reader.


Offers more graphic and visual aids

The iPad is an excellent tool that has several exciting applications.  Reading is more fun on the iPad because of its colorful interface. 

If you’re interested in reading books with lots of graphics and visual illustration or want a fun-filled reading experience, an iPad is ideal as an e-reader. 

While the Kindle is a black and white device, the iPad offers a more colorful reading interface, especially when reading graphic novels and picture books.

Integrate your reading into Apple’s ecosystem

If you’re already deep into the Apple ecosystem, it only makes sense to go for an iPad.  That’s because it allows you to sync your reading experiences into your other devices. 

If you need some motivation or reminders to keep reading, and you have other Apple devices, then an iPad is just a natural choice.

Reading is more fun and exciting.

Not everyone is a bibliophile.  The advantage of reading on an iPad is that it allows you to enjoy your reading.  You can read in multiple ways with several options on zooming into the text and listening to audiobooks. 

If you need fantastic songs playing in the background, say no more!  Your iPad is a one-stop shop for keeping you engaged with your books.

Offers a variety of other helpful apps

While reading, you may need some resources for better assimilation.  With an iPad, you don’t even have to leave your seat.  With just a swipe, you can move from one app to another to help your studies. 

If you’re researching a topic, you can gather facts from multiple sources and improve your reading experience.  You can then synchronize your data all from the same source.

Allows for several reading apps/stores

Since the iPad is not primarily a reading tool, it is open to several reading apps that offer lots of reading experiences. 

There’s virtually no reading application or file that the iPad is not compatible with, offering you unlimited access to free and subscription-based books. 

You can also download apps like Nook, Overdrive, Google Play Books, and, interestingly, even the free Amazon Kindle app.  An iPad is ideal when you want the widest variety of ebook stores.

Perfect for reading to kids

Children’s storytime?  Grab an iPad.  With its colorful interface ideal for graphics and children’s storybooks, your kids would love the experience.  Children’s storybooks are naturally colorful, and so is an iPad.



An iPad is worth every penny spent on it because of the multiple options.  But we’re talking e-readers, remember?  If what you need is a reading tool, the cost of an iPad would certainly be a drawback. 

While it’s too early to come to conclusions, it’s worth knowing that the cheapest iPad is still three times more expensive than the most sophisticated Kindle. 

However, the cost of books on the iPad’s iBook is a little more problematic.  It costs more to read books on iPad than on Kindle.  However, there are still thousands of books that could be accessed for free on the iPad.

Not ideal for reading for long

It is an iPad, not an e-reader.  So, don’t bet on reading on it for too long without getting your eyes strained.  It’s even worse when you’re out in the sun, as the iPad’s screen is not designed strictly for reading.

Other apps may serve as a distraction.

The iPad is designed as a multifunctional tool.  So you’re more likely to be easily distracted when reading.  To solve this problem, you can switch on the “Focus Mode,” which serves more like your phone’s airplane mode. 

That way, notifications are frozen, and you can concentrate for a while.  But at the slightest urge, you’re likely to take a break from reading and unwind with the latest trends on Instagram, Tiktok, or Twitter or even reply to emails and text messages. 

Such distractions are not ideal for healthy reading.

Battery life

The battery life of an iPad is not necessarily bad.  It is good.  The only problem is that other apps on the iPad drain out the life of the battery faster than on a device that’s strictly for reading, like Kindle. 

If you wish to go on a reading trip, your iPad would require frequent recharging.



The Kindle is the fastest-selling item on Amazon.  The device is used primarily to read ebooks, newspapers, magazines, and other digital media. 

It functions by networking to the Kindle Store.  Ideal for reading, the Kindle allows users to move around with an unlimited number of books.


Designed with the reader in mind

The Kindle is designed primarily for reading.  So, every consideration was put into making the reader enjoy the experience.  With the Kindle, reading feels as natural as it can get. 

The e-ink feature ensures your screen looks as close to printed paper as possible.  You also have no problems reading for long hours.  The screen is designed to have no adverse effect on the eyes in the sun or indoors because it doesn’t transmit light into your eyes.


When you move around with a Kindle, you have a portable library in your hands.  It’s neither too big nor too small.  It’s just the perfect size to move around with.

No distractions

It is an e-reader.  So it functions only as an e-reader.  A Kindle offers no distractions.  If you want to go on a reading adventure, your Kindle will be with you all the way. 

With no notifications or messages to respond to, the device perfectly suits your reading needs, keeping you occupied for as long as you need to be.

Longer battery life

Once a Kindle is fully charged, you could practically throw away its charger.  You’ll need another one in about three weeks, though!  For obvious reasons, the Kindle has no battery problems like the iPad. 

With its strong battery life, the Kindle is easily chosen for those who don’t need distractions when reading.


Limited options for ebook stores

Perhaps the most significant disadvantage of a Kindle device is the limited number of ebook stores you can access. 

To make up for it, though, Amazon has the most extensive collection of book stores, and it is very little you’ll miss.  However, having a little more choice won’t hurt.

Not ideal for graphic books

The Kindle is cherished for its simplicity.  But there’s a reason kids don’t move near novels.  The Kindle has a predominantly black and white layout, making it only ideal for straight reading. 

The Kindle comes short once graphics, pictures, and illustrations are involved.  Moreover, it is not suitable for children’s books.

More difficult listening to audiobooks

The Kindle offers few options.  To listen to audiobooks on Kindle, you’ll need to either connect to headphones or use a Bluetooth speaker. 

While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it should be easier listening to audiobooks, which is gradually becoming a favorite way of “reading.”

Which One Offers a Better Reading Experience

Which One Offers a Better Reading Experience

This is a dicey question to answer.  But, both are ideal for different situations.  For the fun and adventurous reader who loves to read only a little at a time, the iPad certainly offers the best reading experience. 

However, for those who want to read for long periods and need a lot of concentration while accessing so much for very little, the Kindle offers the best experience.  The Kindle is also unique because it best mimics the actual page of a paper book.

 It also depends on the kind of books you’re interested in.  If you love novels and essays, go for a Kindle.  If you’re into comics, graphic books, and children’s literature, a Kindle will bore you. 

If you want some flexibility and you’re already deep into the Apple ecosystem, just stay in that lane and go for an iPad.  The experience would be great.

Which one is better for students

If you’re a student, the bias should be towards a Kindle.  You have unlimited educational resources, and you won’t need any distractions while reading anyway.

The portability, longer battery life, and cost make the Kindle more ideal for students who need to focus on reading more.


An iPad vs. Kindle is an excellent option with great specifications when choosing an e-reader.  Depending on the type of books you’re interested in, and how long you intend to read at a time, you can make informed choices with our suggestions.



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